If you want to be more productive, happy and organized. Keep reading! This habits will definitely change your life. Here are some helpful steps you can take along the way:


  1. Early Rise


Try getting up earlier, it helps you to get a lot done within your day and the rest of your day will be more productive. Is really a life changing tips. Set your alarm before going to bed and also prepare your morning as well before going to bed, set out your clothes, shoes , workout clothes, make your smoothies etc. You’ll feel very excited to wake up in the morning knowing that you are organized for the day. Pretty helpful.


2. Meal Prepping 


Very important! Think about eating healthy and even saving money. It will help you lose weight -Planning your meals in advance is key to weight loss as you know exactly what you are putting into your body, and how much. A weekly meal prep routine allows you to control how many calories you are inputting everyday and also You will save stress at the grocery store, you will think less of what to eat for the day or the week. Meal prep makes shopping so easy and will prevent worry as well~ The time you devote to thinking about the food to prepare, when you meal prep, decisions are made ahead of time. Definitely start meal prepping your food.


3.  Relationships 

Relationships are often portrayed as sustaining themselves by magic. Relationships relieve stress through the many ways in which they are a support and help people to feel better but in truth they require time and effort. Think of them as an investment that grows with constant respect, patience and care. People’s relationships have a direct positive effect upon people’s health and they also influence people’s positively, they can actively encourage each other to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and following up with medical issues as well and also people who have strong social ties are much more likely to live longer than those who are alone.


4. Read More


Actually reading makes a huge difference to how we are and even the way we speak. It Increases your imagination and creativity and also gives you different ideas and understanding, when you read, you are taken into the new world, reading nurtures your brain to develop ideas for other possibilities and helps you to understand Quickly and differently. If really wants to change your life, start reading more, Atleast 2-3 chapters every other day can expand your mind and vocabulary. It will help take your mind out from what’s going on around you or in your mind. Is a very good habit to do.


5. Budget Your Months And Weeks


Know how much money you have ln-coming and also your necessities, bills etc…~In budgeting, you identify and eliminate unnecessary spending for example -late fees and interests. These seemingly small saving can add up over time. Mapping Out weekly or monthly helps you know how much you spent and even helps you to save more and provides you with an early warning for potential problems as well ~When you budget you will see potential money problems in advance, and be able to make adjustments before the problem appears and can as well allows you to plan to set aside money for emergency costs, which is extremely good and life changing.


6. Ask Questions (Curiosity)

As we all know people don’t listen to what you tell them, they listen to what you ask them. So ask questions when there’s need to. One of those signs of a real education is a questioning attitude. Curiosity helps us survive. The urge to explore and gain knowledge about our constantly changing environment, Curious people are happier. It helps us in so many ways~ Not only can we gain knowledge, it makes us happier and boost achievement , it can expand our empathy ~To become better and able to understand world views different than our own, it improves healthcare because treatments are highly effective when doctors are genuinely curious about their patients and it also helps strengthen relationships, The truth is that people can be rated as warmer and more attractive if they showed real curiosity. Interact with others and draw them out. You’ll always learn amazing things.


7. Walk walk walk!


Walk out more! Getting that fresh air is so good for us , More intake of fresh oxygen increases the fat burning process, go to your neighborhood, pick your headphones, take your dog, 15-30mins (3 or 4 times a week )is enough to keep you active . You can do morning or evening walking, It may seem like a leisurely activity, but with the right intensity, it can elevate your heart rate and burn serious calories so you can reach and maintain a healthy weight and by constantly moving your joints, you increase your circulation and with your daily morning walk, you can reduce depression, less stress , sleep better and worry less. The mental benefits are huge. Is really a simple habit to have and Once your doing it consistently, it will change your life.


8. Take A Day Off


Creat a certain amount of alone time. A major cause of unhappiness is a lack of private time. Seek out ways to give yourself a few moments of solitude. Take one day off a week to put yourself together. It really helps you to reset yourself mentally, nothing can lead to an anxiety attack faster than working 7days all in a row, taking one day off can help you mentally . When you work too many hours your brain starts to push back, easy tasks becomes extremely difficult. Take your day off and you’ll Feel Way More Productive and gain better life balance when you return. You can make use of your day, do your personal hygiene, clean your apartment , have a good meal, sleep properly and rest your brain. A day off can help keep you on top of almost everything. When you get all of the things you needs to get done, done!


9. Smart Risk 


Taking risk can be scary~O yes! but we’re more likely to regret the things we did not take a chance on than the things we did. Practice taking smart risks-Embracing risk helps you to overcome the fear of fail, empowers you to break through self-imposed limits. Youndon’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe, you just have to take a chance~Taking risks helps you to grow self confidence and breaks you free from average, also helps you to really define what you want in life, it helps you to trust more , become more creative and uncover unforeseen opportunities. Taking risk can be a life changing tips.


10. Gratitude

Grateful thoughts help to keep pessimism and can boost our career, it makes you a more effective manager, increases your decision making capabilities, increases your productivity and it can strengthen our emotions ~Gratitude reduces feelings of envy, makes our memories happier, lets us experience good feelings, and helps us bounce back from stress. Our health can be improved with gratitude and has been shown to increase lifespan by as much as a few years and also increases spiritualism~gratitude spontaneously gives rise to spiritual attribution, helping one feel closer to God or other religious entities. Grateful thoughts is what we all need to practice ~ Think about being more happy, more optimistic, being less self-centered, more spiritual, more self esteem and less materialistic! Common-on! Life changing!!


So that’s it! For my 10 healthy successful habits that will change your life. Let me know what you think and If you have any tips that has helped you, Let’s know about it!











    • You’re right dear! Few minutes a day gratitude can really increase our long term wellbeing and not just that, it makes us more trusting and appreciative.Thanks for your feedback 🙌🙏🤝✌️


  1. Meal prepping is so key for me! I used to do it quite a lot but since having my daughter I don’t always have the time to dedicate a full day to it! Instead I think of meal ideas before the day which I find takes the stress away of ‘WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO EAT TONIGHT!” lol

    Great post. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Firstly, thank you for following my blogs. Secondly, I loved this post. Though I do all 9 of your points. The one about planning the meal is where I’m falling short these days. My cook makes my food from a menu I prepared years ago. Thank you for making me conscious of this point lacking in my life these days.
    Stay blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

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