HOW TO MAKE A SANDWICH AT HOME   INGREDIENTS – boneless and skinless chicken breasts -1 teaspoon of garlic powder -1 teaspoon paprika(Optional) -1 teaspoon of ginger powder -1 teaspoon of onion powder -1 teaspoon black pepper -2 stock cubes -1/4 teaspoon of salt -2 large eggs -1 cup of vegetable oil for frying -1

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ❤️ Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and millions of couples and people deeply in love celebrate it around the world 🌍 it’s a day to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, not just your better half, in fact: – Love all around In

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Cheap, free or easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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To some of us, associating Valentine’s Day with lavish gifts, romantic trips away or expensive meals just isn’t realistic or doable. Unfortunately, we’re not all in a position to be splashing that sort of money out on one day. If you are, then that’s great and I hope you…


EYESHADOW TRENDS Makeup has been around for dozens of centuries and there’s  no denying that things have changed. But it can be difficult to keep up with the new trending looks today. Whether it’s matte lipstick or holographic lips, there is always some new trend to learn about. Eyeshadow colors and styles seem to be

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