How We Sabotage Our Ability To Get Things Done….


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>Don't Procrastinate! Just do It!!!I have written quite a lot lately about reaching a point where change is possible, moving forward is possible and it just takes that step or choice to make it happen. This is where many people get stuck in the hamster wheel of over analysis and procrastination. The “Manager” protector is usually very strong here.

We all do it. We convince ourselves that filing our tax return or planning that career move can wait until tomorrow or next week or next month. We bury our heads in the sand waiting for the right time, knowing that the right time is usually right now. We beat ourselves up because of it knowing that the only person who can change it is us. We become depressed and lose our self-esteem. Sound familiar? Then you are probably a procrastinator.

Webster’s dictionary defines procrastination as a verb, meaning to intentionally put off something that has to be done. Day…

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18 comments on “How We Sabotage Our Ability To Get Things Done….”

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      1. I should do that Sharon – I usually do the entire yardwork (pruning/putting out yard ornaments, etc.) over Memorial Day weekend and we had rain Saturday and weather is very hot – supposed to be 95 today, but just got to 93. Too hot to work outside. Will have to tackle it next weekend I guess. Enjoy the rest of your holiday as well.

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      2. I wish I can do my yard myself ,don’t just have the time and strength😞wow that’s really hot weather 😵Is really good here today👍Enjoy your holiday too🙌🙌🤝

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