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HEALTHY HABITS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE If you want to be more productive, happy and organized. Keep reading! This habits will definitely change your life. Here are some helpful steps you can take along the way: Early Rise Try getting up earlier, it helps you to get a lot done within your day and

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How We Sabotage Our Ability To Get Things Done….

The Online Therapist I have written quite a lot lately about reaching a point where change is possible, moving forward is possible and it just takes that step or choice to make it happen. This is where many people get stuck in the hamster wheel of over analysis and procrastination. The “Manager” protector is usually

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Originally posted on Amblings by Amy:
Images of toned bodies are prolific on Instagram and are often classed as #fitspo. Source: Pexels.com Instagram is breeding a new form of celebrity – the fitness influencer. Many personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and amateur athletes are using this platform to build lucrative personal brands with huge followings. A…

How To Creat a First Impression

We get judged by other people based on the impression we create meeting these people for the first time. It takes only a tenth of a second for someone to form an opinion about you merely because of how you present yourself in terms of speech, dressing and body language. So how do you make

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