F0342D00-5601-4891-BDBC-BF0983511D0FHello!Welcome to my small corner of the internet and thanks for visiting!

I’m Sharon, Entrepreneur and currently reside in US.

I started this blog because of my love for a creative outlet,writing,Style,Beauty and healthy living. My goal is to help shape those wonderful ideas we have and move us closer to actualising that dream life we have always longed for. To inspired and encourage individuals to live more productively, Purposefully and Positively

Here you’ll read post about  personal growth, Self improvement,Beauty ,Fashion,Healthy living ,Productivity and General wellbeing,With a little bit of me mixed in.

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52 comments on “About”

      1. Don’t even understand this ! I’m sorry if I have wronged you unknowingly but I don’t think is necessary to be stabbed by this hurtful words! To leave your blog is easy and can easily pass your message in a clearer and peaceful manner ! We are human


  1. Thank you for follwoing your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL. I promise you will be in for some great content on my blog. Your blog is amazing by the way. I look forward to reading about great content you have coming this year.

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  2. Greetings Sharon, thank you for visiting and following my lightsaber design website. My site actually came into being as I was feeling a bit low emotionally around 18 months ago and I wanted a challenge and prove myself in my chosen field. So I guess I’m proof we can improve ourselves!
    And I will make sure to revisit your blog to help lift my spirits if I have a bad day! Thanks again.

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