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5 Easy Steps to Deal with Negative People

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By Dr. Perry, PhD Audio version available | Click here “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” ~Joyce Meyer 1. Recognize and accept their toxicity First and foremost, it is important to identify and accept that someone we know is a negative person. This can be difficult, especially when the…

What Makes Celebrities Grateful

  The question today is what makes celebrities grateful? And the answer is “appreciation” Gratitude can change someone’s life! Positive expressions (encouragement and support) A passing “comments” and “likes” can increase mental strength and self esteem, is not just about celebrities but also applicable to everyone and today is about celebrities! The men and the

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About Halloween, the colors behind Halloween and simple last minute Halloween makeover

  When autumn falls, the annual Halloween ritual happens. Many things are seen, and they are inclusive of brightly colored pumpkins, hay bales, dried corn stalks among other stuff which is spread throughout the communities. The facts and situations surrounding the events in many instances are not known by many. A consideration made About Halloween,the

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