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*TBT Thoughts: Tommy Hilfiger — K E Garland

In 1996, I heard that Tommy Hilfiger said that he didn’t make his clothes for black people. I admired Hilfiger’s clothing, but there was no way I was going to purchase another piece, if indeed, he was going around making racist comments. So, I didn’t. Four years later, Spike Lee’s satirical film, Bamboozled, criticized America’s […]

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As one of the biggest sports brands in the world Adidas is a must have for everyone. I putted together classic Adidas apparel you need to own and how to style them- is just a simple but stylish Adidas Lookbook. Adidas Clothings  can be paired with bright colours and baggy trousers to give a cool

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Stylish Man: Developing Personal Style — neoteric man

Although it may seem difficult, the process of developing your personal style can be a fun one. Allow yourself to experiment and get out of your comfort zone, and venture out into new clothing. This guide is for the neoteric man who wants to either build or enhance their personal style. 1.) Create a list […]

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