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THE BENEFITS OF A SIMPLE OUTFIT| So Simple but Clever| Sharon

Modest clothing for women is always respectable. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved clothes. Classic styles and beautiful fabrics, I love to focus on buying a few clothes that i love and are of excellent quality- that will look good for longer and I feel so good wearing them. How To Make Simple Clothes Look Fashionable •Always

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How To Wear Red  From Head To Toe Effortlessly According To Street Style Blogger Hafymo — welcome to Envogue magazine

​ Even though some ladies do not like bright colors, Red is that bright color that can take you anywhere. Where ever you wear the Red color to, you are mostly likely to make a fashionstatement if worn well… I mean you are sure to be in the spotlight especially when you have the right

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THREE WAYS TO WEAR HEELS __stepping up summer fashion trends — day in my dreams

When the world goes one way, fashion inevitably starts to go the other. In case you missed the memo, dress is back. With athleisure now fully saturated into both European and American markets, the consumer has started to get bored, and they’re reaching back to their archives for a compromise away from athleisure style. Don’t […]

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