How to be healthy, younger & Maintain a good body weight

Stay healthy by controlling your daily activities, anyone can remain healthy and younger. Incorporate a new routine slowly. You don’t want to send a shock to your system. Help your mind and body .

-Water: Drink 2-3litres of water a day (roughly 8oz glasses)also add tea and coffee because the body needs water to remove toxins and maintain correct body temperature.

-Eat healthy breakfast: Don’t skip breakfast because you eat more when you do,so don’t skip your first meal.

-Late eating: Don’t eat at midnight,avoid late night snacks,eat the right time.There is nothing wrong with snacking but when you do it at the wrong time “it becomes a problem”.

-Avoid processed foods: Just because it says no trans fat doesn’t mean it has none.Processed foods are not your friends.

-Exercise your body: Very important! Atleast (20-30mins a day 5days a week)Will makes huge difference,it will help your mind and body,boost your immune system,sleep better at night ,above all! Loose weight and gain confident.

-Eat fruits,vegetables,whole grain,low fat dairy and lean protein: Eat the right fat your body needs.not all are bad and the good fat can be found in oily fish ,tuna and salmon,olive oil ,nuts and avocado,they are very good.

-Emotionally healthy: Always be positive in your thinking, it can perform miracles and can turn an obstacle into an opportunity.

-Think less: Being concern about the future is normal and certain but “today”I mean now! Will always come before the future.

-Engage yourself: Get busy! Be productive and keep focused. Yes! You can do it, feel unstoppable. Don’t let stress take over your life, learn how to manage it.(take 5-10mins )And think about your stress level, just stop everything you are doing, sit with yourself, take a deep breath and meditate.woman meditating on the beach



-Avoid unecessary risky behavior: Alcoholic, smoking and drug addiction, they can also have devastating long term consequences.

-Personal hygiene is highly important: Germs can easily spread and bring you down, brush and floss your teeth and tongue after eating, morning and night and wash your hands often.

-Get enough sleep: Get good night rest for your health, the cells that fight inflammation, stress and infection are produced during sleep. “Very important”.

-Cooking your own meal is the key: If you don’t know how to cook,please learn how to cook for your health. It helps you to control every little thing that goes into your body. Remember! “You are what you eat”.

-Choose your friends: Delete and unplug toxics friends, know those people that seem to drain you, those friends that do you no good.

-Do what makes you happy: Self satisfaction is really needed,no matter how small. Creat your go to list and before you know it, you are on a smooth roll.


*Is not as hard as you thought, Try and help your mind and body. The earlier,the better.




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