How can you eat healthy on a budget? Let’s get savvy and pop some tags in the supermarket! Here’s my tips on how to shop smarter not harder when it comes to healthy eating on a budget;

via Healthy Eating On A Budget — Sarah Curtis Health


      1. Thanks Sharon – busy at work and just now catching up on the rest of the comments thru bleary eyes. I just got new glasses with the special coating for blue light from computers. I can’t say it is helping any. Told the eye doctor I am on here all day at work, then blogging activity at night so he suggested the tint. Then I heard the same story the other day on the news that too much blue light can cause macular degeneration. Something else to dwell on …

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      2. That’s right! Sorry about that dear🙁Blue light from any device can interrupt your circadian rhythm and best ways to get around that is to use a blue light filter to change the color palette of your display. Thanks and have a great day🙌🤝✌️

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