The Grand Caverns

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Let’s bring it “live”I visited the grand caverns!

The Grand Caverns feature a magnificent limestone cavern located in Grottoes, Virginia. The cave has been operational since 1806. Interestingly, it was discovered by Barnette Weyer during one of his hunting trips. The attraction site serves as the oldest continually functional show cave in the USA since its opening in 1806. In the year 1973, the cave was coined a Natural Landmark owing to its shield formation and other natural features. Such features include stalagmites, flowstone, and Stalagmites. The cave has developed in dolomite/Cambrian limestone. It is well revered for its abundant shield forms.
Initially, the cave was referred as the Weyer’s Cave after Barnette. During the period of the civil war, union and confederate soldiers visited the area. During such visits, more than 200 soldiers got to sign the walls of the cave. During 1974- 2009 the cavern’s ownership was under…

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