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LIPSTICK BENEFITS FOR WELLNESS AND HEALTH lipstick is no doubt the most commonly fashion accessory and applying lipstick don’t just give your face that extra pop of color but lipstick helps women to achieve a better look and enhance their appearance, it has the ability to make your lips appear plumper-allowing your eyes to look

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I think it’s important whether you are a blogger or reader to know that sometimes there are bloggers who lie about certain matters. It doesn’t mean all bloggers lie or that you shouldn’t trust bloggers, it’s just that some bloggers don’t necessarily tell the truth and you shouldn’t bluntly trust someone – especially someone on […]

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7 Apps Every Blogger Needs — New Lune

As a blogger, it’s highly important that you have certain apps on your phone in order to be productive. I prefer to use my laptop when it comes to most blogging tasks but there are a number of apps I use on my phone on a daily basis. If you want to find out what […]

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