I’m reviewing the products i received from influenster’s Voxbox. For those of you that don’t know about Influenster. Is an app where basically you can write reviews on certain products and you can get free products . They have food & beverages , makeup, hair  care, hair care, bath&body, travel and pets etc….

 How to get Free Stuff


Download the Influenster app and be active on the app, link all your social media and they will send you an email like a survey, go through the survey and the questions they asked are based on their next voxbox to see if you Fit in and if you qualify, you will get another email that  “You are on the short list” which means you will receive a voxbox and they ship to the address you provided on the survey. All these are free and complementary.


I Received New Beauty At Target Voxbox



Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth


~5 Blades

~You don’t need to go over the areas multiple times to remove hair and also gives an extra smooth finish.
~very comfortable to hold ( With metal handle)
~It dose not irritate skin and also provides a close shave
Highly recommended is better than the leading men’s refillable razor.


Sheer Volume Foam Conditioner By Pantene


The product looks good but didn’t really work for me. It will be more beneficial to hair that’s not prone to tangling in my opinion. Is very light and didn’t add much conditioning to my hair.
~The fragrance is delicious and leaves your hair with an incredible aroma
I recommend this product for silky hair.


Crest Gum Detoxify


This product is so good, i brush 2 times per day with gum detoxify and the result is utterly amazing! The product allows the paste to be deposited and foam where bacteria grows, which is really good. Exceeded my expectations in every way. Great product! I highly recommend it ~ If you’re having bleeding, Tenderness, Over all sensitive gum. It can definitely reduce your visits to the dentist.


Olay Regenerist Whip


The product moisturize and hydrate your skin, very lightweight cream and absorbed into my skin quickly,leaving your skin feeling very smooth. I was pleased with the result ,I noticed my face becoming smoother and also my face look fresh and brighter and highly recommend it to others.


If you are interested in joining the Influenster Community
My referral link :
I love the Target new beauty voxbox









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