Everyone like a little bit of power, it has importance. Is just having the ability to influence and inspire people .

How you can send power signals with your clothes 


Wear your clothing with confidence! Be a trend setter and it doesn’t not matter whether you’re followed by people. If you pick how you want to represent yourself and you perform well in a way you want to dress, my dear “ You’re a trend setter” And you’re showing power through your clothing! 




The effect on people is absolutely real! People on suits are being given a little bit of extra time. Wearing suit makes you think differently, they tend to focus on bigger picture.


Custom clothing

This is an incredible powerful signals of power because you’re basically showing that is made for you. You appear very unique because is all about you. 


Signature look

Have a signature look- Wear outfit that once people see you in it, they immediately identify it as ‘you’.  It allows you more time to think about the parts of style that You enjoy most and cut down spending time trying to figure out what to wear in the morning because you know your style.


Be well groomed


Keep clean all the time, this will help you feel extra confident about yourself. Well-groomed men and women knows their potential and abilities because they know that they are looking their best .


Choose Quality over Quantity

Wear unique, expensive clothes, there are many benefits of having a wardrobe of quality rather than quantity! Which means that you buy things less often, of better quality and with more intention. Having a bunch of cheap clothes don’t make you look powerful.



There are many benefits of having fashion accessory- It doesn’t end at wearing just clothes, we need accessories to complete our whole appearance, you could wear simple clothes and look like a million bucks by adding fashion accessory that goes with what your wearing.


Darker color

Wear darker colors, they scream power!  It works for every season, It can make anyone look mature, It also Iets you experiment with crazy fabrics and never go out of style. Deep dark saturated colors makes you look powerful.








30 thoughts on “HOW TO LOOK POWERFUL

  1. Wonderful topic… Why not also you continue this post second page as How to be Powerful, looking powerful not just matters you must tip how to be powerful also then this article will be completed . Its a good start and i like it and look forward for part 2 my friend… i am sure you can do it very well than others , cheers.

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