Today is all about my experience using Lancôme products. I received some products from Lancôme to review and if you’re interested~ Click the video below or keep reading. 




This product is very light gel, very moisturizing and absorbs fast , it makes my skin smooth and soft, smells so good.

Most of all I love the packaging! Love the texture, It relaxes my skin. Excellent product! The gel is perfect and not too greasy.




My face looks and feels refreshed after using it. Is really good for the summer because it is so light weight and it has a soft rose smell that is so refreshing but not too heavy. It also has the consistency of a gel with a little bit of cream. I Highly recommend!

Retail price $48


Tonique Confort Comforting Rehydrating Toner




I love the way it hydrate my face and i like its milky cleanser. Love this toner. Is So comfortable to put on and hydrating without being sticky or causing acne but the alcohol/ fragrance smell a little too strong in the Product. The bottle is really big which is good! Great value.

Retail price $46


L’Absolu Lacquer


The point of the product is that it stays shiny! Wonderful product if you know how to apply it correctly! If you want more opaque color,you  need to let each layer set before applying next coat, to get better result. The sticky feel goes away once “set”. It also leaves behind beautiful stain after eating. I highly recommend 

Retail price $26





-They market to more matured clients ( Younger clients don’t pay much attention) I think they need to change their marketing direction a little bit, it will be good for them as a brand , because it will drag in new clients .



-I like that they are more of a classy brand.

-They have some stand out products in their line that are for everybody.

-They are not super trendy.

love the products I received, They have some amazing products and that’s probably it for this brand review, i hope you guys enjoyed it and if you have any question or anything to add about this brand~ Leave them below. All this are free and complementary ~ Thanks To LANCÔME






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