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Hello, world! How’s your Sunday? 💕

Today I would like to share what it takes to be a fashion blogger. Let’s get started!

What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger

1. Dress to impress

Well, duh… if you’re going to be a fashion blogger you have to dress like one.

2. Lots of planning

Over my short 5 months of blogging, I’ve learned that this is key to a lot of things.

3. Spot the trend

To be a successful fashion blogger, you must know what’s in style. Look to Pinterest or Insta for some help on that matter.

4. Basic sewing skills

Oh yeah! Time to let out your inner seamstress!

5. Experimentation

Ever heard of trial-and-error? Yeah, experimentation is a key element in the fashion blogosphere.

• What’s your favorite fashion blog?

• Pinterest or Instagram?

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    1. Hi! Thanks for getting across 🙌I just tried checking your blog out and can’t can’t find you on WordPress. Firstly! I think you need to look into it to see if you have something that’s getting in the way of your visitors finding and consuming or reading your content .
      Secondly, write and share about something that others have not already shared or something that’s not popular.
      Thirdly, Try and provide useful content

      Go with what you readers are likely to use

      ~You can ask for engagement, people does in the screenshot below and works for some of them . I always visit bloggers sites whenever they asked to visit their blog but I don’t do such promotion.

      ~Engage with others and you will see results

      ~ Consistency. Not easy but try.

      Those are good ways to go about increasing your blog engagement.

      Thanks! And keep blogging 🙌🤝🙏

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      1. Thank you for writing back. I really appreciate that and thanks for the advice. I’ll make sure to try these things and hopefully that’ll help.
        I’ll share the link of my blogs.

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  1. Love this and seems to be true! I hope to be a fashion blogger, I love wearing “out there” outifts and then picking them apart in terms of the trends, colours, expense and occasion etc… x

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