lipstick is no doubt the most commonly fashion accessory and applying lipstick don’t just give your face that extra pop of color but lipstick helps women to achieve a better look and enhance their appearance, it has the ability to make your lips appear plumper-allowing your eyes to look more defined .


Here are some benefits of lipstick:


We wear lipstick for ourselves but the most important part of wearing lipstick is how beautiful you feel when you wear it, instantly you feel more beautiful, lipstick is a perfect fashion tool for you and this leads me to confidence! Yess!!



Is the most benefit of wearing lipstick. I feel very beautiful and on top of the world after a swipe of lipstick and I know most of us feel same way! I must not apply makeup but lipstick is a necessity.


Beautiful Smile 

With your right color, lipstick can make your smile appear brighter and beautiful. Always avoid warmer tones if you are wearing lipstick to brighten up.


Healings & Protection
Lipstick can protect our lips from bad weather and also repair cracked lips especially during the cold and wind, by being a protective barrier for your lips. And this brings me to sunburn protection. Many lipsticks contain SPF of 15 or higher which protects the lips from sunburn.


Lips Definition 

If your lips are small, you can make it appear bigger with lipstick and can as well make them appear smaller with lipstick, if they are bigger. You can easily creat whatever you want. And this brings me to the psychological aspect of wearing lipstick , it can bring out the fermininity in women and also lift their spirit during hard or difficult times.

Dont leave your lipstick behind,a swipe will go a long way.






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