We know some people are naturally born with feminine energy! But you can enhance your feminine energy: which is all about your mannerism, how you present yourself before the world. When a woman is attractive and magnetic, she have a particular energy about her, she’s glowing, she’s positive, she have good spark, she love doing what she  enjoy doing! Effortlessly clean~timeless classic beauty and radiates joy “Is feminine energy”


The Ultimate Guide to Being More Feminine


*Being receiving and receptive – Learn how to take compliments~A nice way of taking compliments,  nice way to receive help, hugs or gift .

*Find something you love doing “Creat” Feminine energy is a creative energy- cook,bake, decorate etc.Do something around the house.

*Connect to the youthful age within you! Is not being childish but it dose mean accessing the playful part of yourself most people love.


*Educate yourself- Enrich your senses to take care of yourself! Try to grow your interests and brain , It can be anything.


*Wear the right underwear “No Wrong Size” Good fitting underwear’s will do you lots of good.

*Know your body- hormones plays a big role in women’s life. Know your happy and sad mood.


*Wear dresses and skirt – Buy clothes that makes you feel and look feminine! Put a little bit of effort everyday!

*Take Control of your time : plan your life, your week , day and hour.

*Spend time around good women

*Effortlessly clean “ Timeless Classic Beauty”

*Move and look after your body: Listen to the right music “Do Something Positive”


*Learn to connect to your sexuality- Connecting to your sexuality will make you feel more like a woman .

*radiate joy

*Posture and body language – effectively let your body do the talking in the right way and at the right time.


Learn to enjoy your femininity *It is important we all take care of our feminine side , it’s important for women to radiate with their natural energy.

Men are welcome to write their prospective of what they find feminine.








  1. Someone once said: If only women knew the true power that lies within them, they would not consider themselves ‘weak’. I totally agree to this. Femininity is not weakness. It is irresistible strength. Women should learn to love their femininity and harness its true potential for positive change. Women possess so much positive energy that is at the same time both captivating and ‘infectious’. With this energy, women can change our world for the better. Beauty, brains, positive energy, carriage and a calm demeanour are very ‘sexy’ attributes that a woman can possess. Go for it girls! you are special, you are beautiful, you are a blessing to humanity. Lovely post dear, you are an inspiration indeed!

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    • Thanks for the positivity feedback, the hunting era has come really,a time when women make great contributions to society and Losing that feminine aspects is a serious problem for women and the loss of it is really a problem for men as well .Your opinion is 👌Thanks!

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  2. I LOVE this! Embracing your femininity is like embracing your super power! Women don’t even realize the power we hold and how strong a confident woman really is! Great post!

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