Don’t Let Nothing Hold You Down

Forwards Only

They may wreck your dreams if you let them
Keep them goals in sight, don’t forget them, Alex Clare says in his song ‘Living’. Oh God. I wish it was as easy to do this as it is to say.

We, people who have this weight-gaining-from-a-simple-cookie struggle, know it. It’s so easy to stay motivated in the beginning. And later – no matter when – the ‘why am I doing this’ thought strikes again. That’s where all the excuses begin and we suddenly lose our balance and sometimes even the whole goal.

One more week passed. I can already see the progress on getting shape, also, lost 2 kilos in this 2 weeks time. But even tho the results are kinda obvious now, excuses hit me again.

So after few convos with other low metabolism victims I realized that there are few types of excuses, some of em more…

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