How to Let Go of the Past


That’s right! Express your pain, focus on the present ,stop blaming others and forgive them!!

Dr. Eric Perry

By Dr. Perry, PhD

“There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go.” ~Jessica Hatchigan

1. Recognize that we have a choice
Whenever we get stuck in the past, most likely it is because we are being bombarded by intrusive thoughts. These intrusions appear as regret, anger, hatred, resentment or sadness. When we get caught by this web of negativity, it is extremely difficult to remember that we have a choice. We can choose to break free from this cycle by realizing that each thought has an energetic value. Negative thoughts chain us to past memories only to weaken us.

2. Understand why we hold on
Dwelling on the past can actually feel good to us. Hating someone because they wronged us can feel very satisfying because we feel like we are getting back at them through hatred. In reality, we are the ones adding to our own suffering. We hold on to the past because we…

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19 comments on “How to Let Go of the Past”

      1. Thanks for replying  back to me Mrs sharonchyy

        That is true sharon…
        Deals past help our tomorrow sometimes. The problem there is pondering on it that much is not good.

        Peace and Love


  1. Currently struggling to let go of the past………. i am desperate but sadly cannot. I feel my ED is keeping me at this point, it gives me some sense of control over all that has happened to me over the years. Why i am hanging on to this is beyond me, in the long run i am scared it may very well kill me!!!!

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    1. Hey Christian 👋Hope you’re doing great today 🙂so sorry to hear that”let’s look at it this way” We all have been hurt or has experienced some kind of emotional pain but then what we do with it is more important than the pain itself. I know your feelings are legit but is highly important you feel them really and move on pls 🤲Nursing it is definitely not the way out. Thanks for your time on my blog and take care of you🤝🙏😍✌️


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