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When it comes to creating a very good outfit, the clothes aren’t the only element that we need, accessories, good skincare products and makeup plays a good role- they need to be on point otherwise, your whole effort could be ruined. I’m not really a summer person but I have rounded up my current summer favorites, the things I really enjoyed this summer, chic bags , ,hats,sunglasses,skincare products and makeup.



One of the things you shouldn’t overlook during summer especially when plans for a summer vacation or beach get-together Is hats!



A stylish and cute hat which can be worn with almost anything, regardless of whether you’re going to the beach, on the boat or going out on a summer day, I love the wide brim and a wide brimmed hat is ladies best friend.

They are truly packable hats that doesn’t get misshaped after packing it ,

Protection from the sun ,outdoor adventure, my best 

Straw bag



Straw bags are great for the park or the beach because you can easily shake out any dirt or sand they pick up and oversize styles like this one make parking a picnic. This is the cutest straw bag, is something to be worn with everything, I can Carry it as it, or personalized it with another scarf or bandana. I’m obsessed!



I don’t think trends in sunglasses really is a thing , they are great fashion accessory, there are so many reasons why I wear sunglasses more often, especially when I’m outdoors the summer and as you guy know prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to a variety of ailments, my sunglasses help to keep me safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

Thong Style Sandal


These are an easy-going everyday sandal, they are man-made upper in a thong style sandal , logo hardware detail at the vamp, they are very easy slip on style, padded footbed for all-day comfort and very lightweight man made outsole. I love them and got them in different colors , I slip right into summer with them.

Tonique Confort Comforting a Rehydrating Toner


I always switch to Lancôme product during summer, it gives my skin a soft , fresh clean and incredibly comfortable feeling during hot seasons, it works for some people during the winter months, I really love this toner.

Hydra Zen Day Cream Anti Stress Moisturizer


The product creates a very pleasant feeling in my skin , it was light , refreshing and calming and yes! That all my body needs during summer months and I use it day and night . Is working for me now.

Mac Nicki Minaj Lipstick


Is really cool and wearable, I love how peachy it is, is really light and I always wear it with warmer, darker lip liner and that’s it! I don’t like to wear makeup during summer months but always use lipsticks and lip gloss  and more comfortable , I love !

Lancôme L’Absolu Gloss


I love this gloss! Is creamy yet non sticky, it gives me a fuller lips , I normally wear it alone and sometimes with a lipstick for a plumped look. This gloss blends perfect with my lipstick , I like this color , i don’t look so faded by evening, is very shear and great for summer wear and I’m loving it !


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  2. My favorite accessorize is a hat! Have you ever wondered why some authors wear hats? “The most important reasons to wear a hat is to keep ideas in. Ideas are abstract, fluffy things, prone to floating away, remaining just out of reach if you don’t contain them” – I have written an article titled “The Art of Wearing Hats” – – Feel free to check it out!

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