Mizani Hair Products Review + Demo – Full Video


I was given this product for my honest review. This foaming and non-stripping pre-cleanser removes product buildup from your scalp while also prepping it for styling. This formula is easy to apply to protective styles. I love the direct-to-scalp applicator. 

it smell so good. I used this with my short hair and wig-it made my hair grow so fast and I loved it. Is an oily gel product that you put on your scalp as a pre cleanse. The nozzle screws on and off. Just add water and rub for 1 minute, let sit for a minute then rinse. I followed as instructed and my hair felt so clean, especially my scalp. It did not leave my hair dry. The product works amazingly on my short hair and my curly wig. It makes washing my hair so much easier and my scalp is much cleaner. Is affordable ($24.00) and worth trying. 

Available on Amazon

MIZANI Wonder Crown Foaming Scalp Cleanser for Itchy, Dry, Flaky or Oily Scalp, 6.8 Ounce

MIZANI Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Smoothing Serum | Protects Against Heat Damage | with Coconut Oil | for Curly Hair | 3 Fl Oz

MIZANI COCO DEW Curl Pre-Styling & Restyling Refresher Spray

I’m impressed with this refresher spray. I used it on my natural hair and thick, wavy wig. My curls stay bouncy and waves look sleek and it’s so hydrating but doesn’t weigh down my curls. It smells very refreshing and does not have an overbearing coconut smell. It is so simple to use and I have tried it after a wash. This is recommended for coily hair but I think that it works just as well for anyone with thick, corse wavy or curly hair. It’s like a moisturizing water. Finally, I love the way the bottle is made. There is a switch that can be pushed to lock and unlock the spray bottle to prevent spillage. I  love it. 

After all the things I put my curls through, I’m so glad I now have my Coco Dew. This is a great product for natural hair/ curls because it moisturizes and conditions the hair.

Thanks for your time.


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