A Chaotic Day In The Life of A Travel Healthcare Worker | Life Balance | Challenges Facing Healthcare Workers

It is increasingly clear that healthcare professionals aren’t getting the support or consideration we deserve. Too often, workers in all industry roles are subject to stressful conditions and disrupted personal lives. Without effective resources and fair work-life balance protocols, professionals often find themselves burned out or prepared to leave the industry entirely.

Bad work hours is a huge problem! working more than 55 hours a week directly correlates with serious health conditions causing many in healthcare to reevaluate how much time they spend on the job. Finding a schedule that works for you is paramount in determining the right work/life balance. Overnight shifts OMG worst! When you’re working 80 hours per week and coming home physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted, it’s easy for your family life to suffer.

It’s important to remember that the skills these professionals offer aren’t easy to obtain. They’ve gone through years of study, gained vital experience on the front lines, and learned from their peers. Unlike many other jobs at the moment. The emotional connections with patients, humanitarian decision-making, and fundamental empathy can’t be effectively replicated by machines. Healthcare professionals are among the roles that can’t be be easily be replaced. https://youtu.be/ERLctQ-r0c8

It’s important to understand how a lack of work-life balance and emotional support takes a long-term toll on healthcare workers. A mistake too many administrators and facilities make is in assuming a little time off can reset healthcare workers’ burnout meters. It’s important to recognize that work-life balance and emotional support have a major role in reducing shortages. Balanced scheduling can assist workers in minimizing stress and maintaining a positive family life. 

Pay off student loan is a problem, student loan debt continues to be a major obstacle really, for all professions. This is certainly true for medical workers. Many nurses, doctors, and others in the industry are not able to pay off their debts for years, making the stress of mounting bills a deterrent for entering this sector in the first place.

Low salaries as well, according payscale nurses can make up to $43 an hour and other medical assistants between $12 and $21. This often doesn’t translate to fair pay, considering the demands of the job. No way! 

The stress is real! Especially in high-intensity medical operations, people can easily quit the healthcare field. Stress management continues to be a hurdle for doctors and nurses alike.

Every sector of the workforce faces pros and cons, the challenges facing healthcare workers are critical when contemplating a future in the field. Whether you’re studying to become a physician or currently working as a nurse, you must follow a realistic schedule if you want to avoid burnout. Take your vacations, you are able to do a better job when you are refreshed and rejuvenated. Take your vacation days and remember to fully unplug while away. Healthcare professionals Once you identify an issue in your work-life balance, try to figure out where it originates. Are you working too many hours? Ask for help.

Thanks for your time. 


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