I’m reviewing the products i received from influenster’s Voxbox. For those of you that don’t know about Influenster. Is an app where basically you can write reviews on certain products and you can get free products . They have food & beverages , makeup, hair  care, hair care, bath&body, travel and pets etc…. How to

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The Grand Caverns

Originally posted on Inspiration and ideas on creating your dream life: Let’s bring it “live”I visited the grand caverns! The Grand Caverns feature a magnificent limestone cavern located in Grottoes, Virginia. The cave has been operational since 1806. Interestingly, it was discovered by Barnette Weyer during one of his hunting trips. The attraction site…


The Versatile Blogger Award  🥇 THANK YOU ZEBA JUVERIYA For nominating me for this award! I am so grateful to be accepting this award 🥇   RULES : * Thank the blogger who nominated you by posting their link * Add an award graphic * Write 7 facts about yourself * Nominate 15 other bloggers * Notify them about

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HAPPY EASTER!! It is Easter! Happy Easter to everyone! Christ will suffer and rise  from the dead on the third day and it happened exactly that way and repentance and forgiveness of sin will be preached in his name. The entire plan for the future has it’s key in the resurrection and according to his

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