How To Creat a First Impression

We get judged by other people based on the impression we create meeting these people for the first time. It takes only a tenth of a second for someone to form an opinion about you merely because of how you present yourself in terms of speech, dressing and body language. So how do you make sure your best foot is put forward and don’t get misjudged for making the wrong impression?


-What Is Your Intention?

Before getting to your destination, be it a conference, party or a social event, be aware of the kind of people you want to mingle with. What kind of energy do you want around you? This way, it will be easy for you to know what conversations you are going to hold and the people you want to meet.


A lot of aspects go a long way to show how confident you are either in a meeting, or an event. When you engage yourself with someone or people, angle yourself in the right position; sit upright and stand tall and straight up. Make eye contact, speak clearly and give firm handshakes but if your palms get sweaty when nervous make sure you keep it on check to avoid portraying a bad image. Being confident does not mean putting on a serious face but using your body language and incorporating your interpersonal skills. Also, don’t forget to smile.


-Never Get Late

What do you think someone would think of you if you show up late in your first meeting? Getting late for a first meeting is a very flippant thing so come what may, avoid it like a plague. Arrive some minutes before the meeting. Leave home earlier than you should to allow for uncertainties; traffic may hold you up, or it may start raining on your way forcing you to wait for the rain to stop.


-Appropriate Dressing

The heading definitely speaks for itself. For example, for an interview, put on the right jewelry, the right clothes and shoes; for ladies, it is advisable to wear closed shoes, preferably high heels. Wearing a tux to an interview will create a bad impression. Instead, wear a suit.

– Show Interest

Pay attention to what people in your table are talking about perhaps. When around people, either in a conference, corporate event or party, put away your phone until the occasion is ended. Also, engage in conversations and wisely choose your words. If you wake up in a bad mood, try to do away with it by doing stuff that make you feel better or choose not to go.



When conversing, be yourself and don’t try too hard to create a certain impression. You may end up faking who you are so be at ease and answer correctly when asked questions. If you don’t know how to answer a particular question don’t lie.


In conclusion, it is important to know how to create a good first impression when meeting people or someone for the first time. It plays a critical part on how someone is going to think of you, how they relate with you and deciding if to be your business partner or friend.

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