Thanksgiving! It’s Bl that time of the year again. The time we give thanks for all the things we are grateful for. A time we gather with family and friends to celebrate.

The turkeys have been bought, marinated, stuffed and roasted. The shopping done, the atmosphere is electric, the job is palpable. It is the beginning of the holiday season, and the anticipation is tangible.


But why do we celebrate on thanksgiving day? We celebrate, because thanksgiving symbolizes peace, thankfulness and the beginning of the holiday seasons. We all have seasons to celebrate. We celebrate life, we celebrate love, we celebrate the people who give meaning to your life. Be the family or friends. Thanksgiving offers us an opportunity to appreciate all those who have or still impact our lives positively. To share a meal with them and remind them how greatful we are for the job they bring us.


For sport lovers, what a time to binge on football with many NFL teams treating us to exciting games. For those who love the outdoor and adventures, the parades,(if they take place where you are) are a wonderful occasion, with their characteristic spectacle. It is a indeed wonderful time.

So dear friends, let us celebrate, let us be truly thankful.

Take the opportunity to show love, take the opportunity to regenerate, to celebrate, to live! Happy Thanksgiving!






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