2019 fashion color trends is already a matter that is taking great concern months before we cross over to the year. Many were the times people talked about the primary colors and how they topped when it comes to the world color trend. The case has dramatically changed bringing new colors into the trend fashion and this is evident for 2019.

Different colors have ruled the past and each year has had its own fast color trends depending on different events scheduled for the year. Major companies across the world and their expected events are seen to contribute significantly on matters that relate to color, a factor that has been seen even in 2019. Closer to the 2018 Gen-Z that took control of the year, 2019 will see a major change with the buttermilk yellow coming in strongly. The soft and light nature of the color will see it take control perfectly on the major plans for the year that will require such shades.



The shades of blue seen in 2018 are likely to be extended to 2019 with the trend for the year turning from 2018 sky blue to the powder blue in 2019. The color being slightly deeper than sky blue. It will see the major control on matters of dressing especially on the blazers and the dresses. Most of the celebrities have also appeared on stage wearing green colors in the shows they have a little matter that is likely to impact 2019.


Deeper shades of brown are likely to trend in 2019 with chocolate brown expected to take the lead. The auburn red color has also signaled to trend in the year with more warm browns especially reddish seen in the days to come. 


The above colors are therefore the voice that will control 2019 and a clear indication of how they will look like when you plan to stock any of your stores or run an event in 2019. 







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