Hot summer is one of the reasons why women prefer wearing pant than skirt. Women choose the most appropriate clothing to wear instead of the most popular clothes. It is easy to put the latter aside in order to feel comfortable in such a hot weather. Many women prefer all kinds of pants to achieve this, believing that they should just put something that makes them feel comfortable and start exciting. On the other hand, pant are already starting to crawl into the minds of women when it comes to fashion.


Skirts are known to be very practical. Moreover, it has always been fashionable, feminine and comfortable. Pants have their own advantages. Made of very comfortable material, wearable no matter the season. They have a very smooth feeling and this is exactly why they can also be worn in the office , in a formal ceremony, for regular occasions.


skirts are usually the first choice for women because they are very feminine. Moreover, what is the best outfit to say “love to be a lady”of the skirt? It has always been fashionable and as we know, these days are old. The vast majority of women in history wear dresses and skirts, and this will never come out of fashion.

However, the pants are no less elegant than skirts. They are versatile and can be worn on different occasions and if you choose the right colors, they may actually be more elegant than the pants.



Women come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs, and are increasingly interested in trousers.

Nowadays. Some may think that formal trousers are made just to look good and do not make you feel comfortable, but this is not the case with linen trousers. Also, their canvas keeps the feet cool during summer and they have a natural luster that lasts very long.

All in all, It seems that the pants top the list of women who must have clothes. Easy to find, comfortable, fashionable and elegant, can Be combined with any crest.

*Pants or skirts? Let me know.







  1. Just from a human perspective, I feel that people ought to wear what makes them feel comfortable and complete. I have told my female friends and students to dress for comfort, and not to dress for the satisfaction of someone else. There are times, like weddings, funerals, business meetings and the like, when comfort may need to be tempered, a bit, but most of life ought to be about a person’s sense of personal comfort.

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    • Of course! In some cases we do not have to sacrifice style over comfort, no matter how beautiful…I look out for beautiful and comfortable is always at the top of my list. Thanks dear for the feedback and have a nice day.

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  2. I love them both. I wear pants because they’re comfortable and easy to take off when nature calls , if you know what I mean. Skirts and dresses I wear because as a child whose parents grew up in the South, you HAD to have a dress or skirt because “ladies don’t wear pants”. I still like dressing up in a skirt or a dress even in the wintertime . That’s what leggings and boots were made for. In the summer, it’s on and popping with dresses and skirts. That’s when I usually wear them especially with sandals.


  3. As a man who wears pants all the time, I find that wearing a skirt is very freeing and oh so comfortable. I like my pants, especially my yoga pants, because of the comfort and versatility. But man when I wear a skirt it is blissful. Going pantless, by wearing a skirt is amazing. I think if I could wear skirts all the time (without being ridiculed because I am a man) I just might wear skirts all the time ☺♥

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    • Haha
      The comfort level really depends on what activity you are pursuing and the environment that you are in.I haven’t found skirts to be much cooler than pants on a hot day. Thanks for the wonderful feedback and enjoy your weekend.

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  4. I always found this topic to be especially interesting in terms of women in the 1920s and 30s who were seen as wild trailblazers for daring to wear pants! Marlene Dietrich is probably my favorite example of this. I wonder if there will ever be a day when we see the opposite happening in mass produced menswear (skirts/dresses) as well.


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