The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is one of the world’s largest ferris wheel and takes about 23 minutes to complete. It’s a slow and beautiful ride that takes you 400 feet up in the air and rotates 360 degrees.  Is inside of a big plaza that contains Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, a 7D dark ride adventure, and the sea life Orlando aquarium. Orlando is also home to a natural history museum which comprises of 500 real skeletons.

You can purchase your tickets just before your ride or online. They offer resident discount which didn’t favor me as a visitor. Lol! They run on a first come first serve basis so reservations are not accepted. I wanted to visit for night time so i can enjoy the Disney fireworks and city lights because you can see them take place at the peak of the ride but I couldn’t make it at night. You also have the option of booking a Champagne Experience. You pay a little more and get a glass of champagne to drink during your ride. I have a thing with heights but I really wanted to go see the city light.



The Ferris wheel turns slowly and offers a spectacular view of Orlando. It is a huge ferris wheel with individual indoor pods that hold about 5 to 10 people. The ride costs $26.63 (Adult 13+)And $21.30 (Child 3-12) You can purchase a package where you can go into three of the attractions for around  just $40. Look for deals online.  There is no reason to pay full price. I took pictures before stepping into the wheel and the photographer makes you stand in a circle and look up and pose. There is also a 3-D computer inside the pod that helps you determine where everything is when you’re looking out at the landscape or places you can observe from the top. 

Is extremely high in the air. I’m so afraid of height ~It is not for people who have a strong aversion to Heights, but I managed though and was quite nervous while up near the top.

When you step out of the pod at the end of the ride they drop you out into a gift shop. You can see pictures you took before going for the ride and for much better deal, just go into the gift shop and get $20 picture frame that allows you to have one of your pictures added to it for free! Instead of buying the picture package and there’s  a shop filled with Coca Cola momentum’s! Interesting! 


This attraction is not just a Farris wheel it has lots of several shops to spend the evening and restaurants outside of the building. The landscape is so beautiful! There’s a huge parking deck next to the building and parking is free. 

An attendant is there for assistance. I got my own capsule and jumped on at the right time. The view from above was breathtaking, you could see the different rides in the amusement park, the hotels, the highway.

Glad i experienced this ride but is ok in my own opinion.


. The wheel comprises of more than 64000 led bulbs.

. The capsules are air conditioned and have the capacity to hold 10 people.

. In order to bring together all the components of the wheel, over 150 forty-foot trailers were hired.

. The weight of each independent capsule is about 6600 pounds.

. The observation wheel weighs over 3 million pounds which is equivalent to 12 space shuttles  or 300 school buses.


. Use the bathroom before getting on.

. Bring your snacks for the ride.


love that there is a seat because if your not that into heights sitting down keeps you from having a full on panic attack.

. The Ferries wheel is wheel chair friendly.

. Children below 2yrs do not need to buy tickets.

. The eye is so cool the capsules you ride in are so neat and it gives you a complete look.


. It’s unfortunate they don’t have blue tooth . . capability to listen to your own music.

My thoughts

. It was pretty high up in the air but gives a wonderful view all around. 

. This is a great attraction in Orlando. 

. All in all, I would say this was a good deal!

. The Orlando eye was nice, like ok experience though.


Timings are 10am – 10pm Sunday and 10am -midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Now that you know all about Coca Cola Orlando Eye, I hope that you visit ICON Orlando 360 soon and enjoy the experience yourself.







  1. Wao! Really wonderful. Would love to see it one day, sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. Nice video by the way. You almost had a shower from the fountain outside.

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  2. What a wonderfully thorough post! This area of attractions is definitely a fantastic addition to Orlando and the International Drive scene. I still haven’t been on the Eye yet so reading this was a great reminder I need to get on that soon.

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