Blazer is truly remarkable garment. Not only an iconic piece of menswear, and the central piece of any gentleman’s wardrobe, is also ladies for that matter, blazer can mean different things to different people. It also takes alternate forms in different situations, which makes it a truly interesting garment. In the following, I will let you know the blazers you need to have in your wardrobe.



The coloured blazer is perfectly appropriate if you know how to style it. You can wear bright blazer to evening dinner and even a summer wedding. colours like yellow, purple and green. You have two colour filters here~ Like pastel or saturated. The lighter pastel colours looks better during the day and saturated tones are cool at night time. Go with something textural and neutral in colour. Very nice 






The structured blazer is all about the fit~ Your blazer should hug the body to enhance the slim fit. Structured blazer needs quality fabric. Cut closely to the body while maximising shape, focus on the padding, linings and defined shoulders. The jacket should appear simpler, elegant, with minimal details and they should feel luxurious to touch. 




You can wear white blazer during the summer. It goes well with black. White goes with nautical hues ~like blue and gold accessories.



Linen blazer is really summer friendly, Is the season you see people wearing it. And is because The natural fabric and light weight allows  heat to escape from the body. Go with cool colors For instance pastels and light neutrals are good.



The navy blazer is the most versatile, is a must have color. Invest in cobalt blue blazer, you can wear it any day any time , blue blazer goes well with grey trouser and white shirt.





wool blazers have that classiest look, is good for the workplace and formal occasions .Their ruggedness easily works nicely for structured blazers and look super warm for winter. Wool blazers  are the most popular men’s suits on the market today because of the wool’s unique properties. Buy one if you don’t have.



Now is the time to buy check blazer. Give your look the professor prestige with check blazer. You can wear check from the day into the night. Try and keep the base colour of the blazer strictly organic toned: Example- brown, grey, cream, green or blue – the colours of the earth.



Cotton is relaxed, breathes well but is it feels more luxurious  than linen. Please avoid heavy amounts of polyester, its density makes it a nice winter layering.






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