Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! Today is the day for the mothers. Are you a mother? Or mother to be? Is your mother alive or dead? This message is for all mothers out there because Mother’s are the foundation of the family, they make sacrifices to put a smile on our face at every given moment and God could not be everywhere so he created Mother’s!

Mothers are our root, our foundation~ They planted a seed that we based on. Trust me the mothers love is peace and their hearts can’t be measured. No matter her size-big or small( she has a very large heart) A heart so large that every joy founds. Her heart is full of peace, joy and forgiveness .In her view point you are always right .

Being a mother is a choice you make like every day. She always meant well, she gives up her own food so you can eat. Her best conversations always takes place in silence and you know why? Because that’s when the heart speaks, that’s why she wakes up at midnight to speak to you and why mid night? Because she wants to pass a message that will be useful to you in life.



Listen! As the tree loves water and sunshine, so should you love your mother. O yes! Cos she helps you to prosper, grow and reach great height. All we hope to be and we are today, we own to our mothers and in honor of their unconditional love ~ This Mother’s Day message, will surely reminds all mothers how much they are loved and appreciated. Mothers are irreplaceable there’s nothing like them!

Celebrate yours today! Because she deserve every bit of it!


Thanks and happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!




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