Cooking is all about being creative, you can exclude any ingredient I used and can choose to include additional ingredients you like. This recipe is Sharonchy’s and can be customized to yours- O yes! You can creat your own taste.



~2 Cups of Parboiled Rice
~2 Cups of liquid chicken stock ( any meat liquid stock of your choice)
~2 Cooking spoon of vegetable oil
~Carrot, green beans , garden peas(Optional)
~1 Red Onion
~2Knorr Cubes
~1 Tablespoon of curry
~Scotch Pepper
~Sea salt




Step 1

Chicken: Prepare your chicken or desired meat , seasoned with ginger, garlics, cubes, thyme, onions ,salt and add water~ Cook between 15-20mins. Separate the chicken from the liquid stock and set aside. Fry your chicken as well ( Optional)

Step 2

Place a pot medium heat and add 2 cups of chicken liquid stock or any liquid stock of your choice. Add 1 cube and little salt to the liquid stock to taste and can add thyme or 1 bay leaf(Optional) it adds a nice flavor to the rice. Cover your pot and allow to boil.

Step 3

Parboiled rice- 2cups, Rinse your rice. “I parboil before”(Optional) Rinse several times to remove excess starch and after about 5mins, add the rice into the liquid stock, stir and taste to check the seasoning (Added to chicken in step 1) And add more if needed. Note ~ The liquid stock should be slightly above the rice level. Cover and allow to boil between 15-20mins. Check to see  if the liquid stock has been absorbed completely and if yes! Check to determine the texture of the rice, if is ok by you, add more water if needed, if not cover and set aside.


Step 4

Mix Vegetables and Rice : Place a pot on medium heat. Add 1 cooking spoon vegetable oil or any type of oil you like. Add some chopped red onions, Scotch Pepper-Stir and allow to fry for 1minute. Add diced carrots and green beans, Stir and add curry powder, stock cube, salt and stir. Allow to fry for 1 Minute (add the cooked rice from step 3) And mix thoroughly, cover and allow to steamer for 5mins and wellaa… Ready to serve.







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