once you choose hope, anything is possible!

Depression is never a good place for anybody. As we all know getting better from depression demands a life long commitment and if not for anything for the sake of those who love you, if only you could sense how important you are to the life of others or those you meet and how important you can be to those people you can never dream of , trust me! you will discover there’s something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with people . Keep yourself busy to avoid being idle because being idle is really the “devil’s workshop “ Do things that gives you joy! Because joy can sometimes be the source of our smile and good humor can as well serve as tonic to the body and the mind, it can attract and keep friends. Listen! Let your imagination be your best friend, always creat positive energy which helps in your life and try to give power over your circumstances, don’t let it have power over you. Try every possible means because the light can shine through different means.

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8 thoughts on “DEPRESSION AND CURE

  1. Depression is so difficult to endure, but I am a living witness that we can do so. I tend to dance when the darkness comes. I put on a gospel song with a lot of beat and I dance and praise God. My favorite is Vickie Winan’s Shake Loose Everything that Binds You Up, or We are Victorious with Donnie McClurkin and another young gospel singer. Good post.

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