I know some people judge women based on their marital status and that has made some women taught that the only way to be happy or succeed is to find Mr right! (Husband) There are so many things that contribute to a person’s happiness, please we need to stop telling women lies about marriage. Relationships, family, hobbies , good friends and fulfilling careers can as well contribute to your happiness.


Marriage can be great but it’s not everything! It can be positively correlated with well-being, no doubt but the truth is that being happy, successful and relevant is not about marriage or being married. we’ve come far enough to know that’s just not true.


“You are the only one your age not married” please! Don’t let anyone place you there. Some women are lucky to get into marriage early and others don’t, pls don’t kill yourselves for it ! Your light will shine when your time comes. Don’t give into the social media hype, peer pressure.

Dont be desperate! Some African cultures~The society look down on you if you’re not married and overseas nobody cares whether your married or single, people go about their business. Not a big deal! People divorce and get married everyday. Listen! People will pressurize you, no doubt! But don’t let anyone that comes your way know that you are on a “husband hunt” pleaseeee….And most times desperation can even affect your new relationships without you knowing ~Before you know it ~Your are too forward to know where 2weeks or 1month relationship is heading to, Come on now people! Stop those lies that women of their age are married therefore they can’t get married anymore. Women!!! Focus on other things, marriage will come at the appointed time, don’t set into that level of desperation. Dont buy those lies they tell you! Sometimes you need to wait and take your time. Marriage certificate doesn’t validate a relationship*Mutual respect and love.
You’re still worthy of love! Being Single is not a curse thrust upon anyone. Just stop waiting and keep living~It will come when it will.








  2. Well said… I got married when I was 30 whereas my friends some sooner some later… Back in the day, my parents were marrie​​​d at 19… sh*t changes. && there is happiness without being marr​i​ed. Gress is always greener on the other side​.

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    • Absolutely! We are in 21st Centur…a lot has changed.That’s right👌People are really not satisfied with their own situation,they always think others have it better.Thanks dear for your time 🙌🙏✌️


    • 😁she concern..I gues you have been loving yourself and keeping a positive frame mind👏which is the key because you will always find peace knowing that what is for you, is really for you.No timeframe 🤗enjoy your day😍🙏✌️

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      • Thanks Sharon. Unfortunately, my life has been tainted by my father and maternal grandfather who left me saying to myself “this will not happen to me” … my father decided after thirty years’ marriage to up and leave and take all the money out of the bank and annuities my parents held jointly. He forged my mom’s name to each account and took off for parts unknown. My mom had to go through a lot of hassle to just get his social security, and she was too young to collect it, and had a medical disability so could not work. My grandfather was a piece of work as well, so I decided not to make the same mistake. It is peace of mind for me … but I don’t say NEVER, because you do not know what (or who) is around the corner and waiting in the wings in this thing we call life.

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  3. Very interesting piece! People need to realise that everyone’s destiny is different. Some marry early, others late, still others not at all. What matters is that deep personal fulfilment that comes from within and not dependent on whether you are married or not.

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    • You have said all! Finding out exactly what you’re passionate about and add it to your life ,single people can be happy in a way that doesn’t depend on relationships status🤝Thanks for your time 🙏✌️


  4. You have said it well, my friend! I wish society would be encouraging women to do more for their lives than simply getting married & having babies. We’re no longer living in the 50s!

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    • That’s it!And women are even getting married less because they have risen and continue to rise and the trend is likely to stay ~Which means making marriage even less likely in the decades…Thanks🙏🙌For your time dear🌺✌️

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  5. Thanks for this! Some of my besties are single and I try to be conscious of loving them where they are at and not hurting them because I am married…I waited a long time for a baby and I try to be sensitive to others that are waiting for something!

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    • Yes dear I got you 😉 you still love them more than anything but as time goes on~you start feeling like You can’t really relate to anything that’s going on with them. You became very careful and sensitive. Is very difficult to relate with someone hole heartedly without them feeling “Is because they are still single” but being single is not the end of the word and marriage is not ticket to heaven. Thanks for the feedback 😍🤝🙌🙏✌️

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