WHY AND HOW I SHAVED MY HAIR|Total Transformation |From Long Hair To Short hair

Hair is emblem of fermininity. Women often see it as a reflection of their identity, personality, and belief since it is both personal and public. Society has it that, beauty is only present in long and luxurious hair but there is a new trend of ladies cutting their hair short. But what could be the reason why young ladies cut their hair?

Long hair is costly to maintain as the hair and beauty is a billion-dollar industry. As a lady you will frequently be required to visit the salon for styling and maintenance hence so much time, money and energy will be graciously poured into it. This is a turn off to many as not all can meet these demands. Many will prefer to keep it short to avoid the strain. Short hair also has minimal sweat hair concerns. Just as it sounds, the shorter the hair the shorter the cost of caring for it.


We must agree that ladies always wish to changes in their lives, At one given point, you will have to agree that keeping their hair long is one way to improve your personality and more beauty so that you could come first among your mates. However, as time goes by, you will admit that this does not always turn to be the case.


I’m grown up, i realized that i do not need to keep growing my hair and i decided to shave my hair. There are several reasons why i come to this decision, when it comes to changes, i will struggle to get rid of anything that may remind me the past miseries i had.

My main urge behind the reason why i shaved my hair, was that i wanted to start afresh.





17 thoughts on “WHY AND HOW I SHAVED MY HAIR|Total Transformation |From Long Hair To Short hair

  1. I have been growing and cutting my hair for 20 years. I cut it even shorter yesterday. I don’t wear wigs or any hair additions and Hair length is trivial to me. Let your personality shine because that says so much more about a person.

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  2. for the record…

    and I’m not just saying this to be a cliche nice person…

    imma tell it like it is!

    your cut is so damn beautifull! omg!

    thats all I can say on here…

    keep it like that if that’s what you want! 👌👌👌👌👌

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  3. I like this post. I liked the idea of starting fresh, of being free of all kinds of care, effort, cost and time. I have just finished growing my hair out to its natural color which, as it turns out, is gunmetal gray in back and white in front. No stylist could do as good a job as God did! I enjoy new found freedom with you.

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