If there is one thing that Nigeria does well, it is the mountain resorts. But when we talk about Obudu Mountain Resort, it is simply the best located in Obudu Plateau in the Cross River State, this place is overflowing with luxury resorts, log cabins and scores of adventurous activities centered around nature.


Nestled in the pleasing and secluded area of Cross River State near the Cameroon border is located. It was originally built in 1951 by a Scottish adventurer, M. McCaughley and Hugh Jones.


The month of February and March bring something special for the visitors as vegetation grows to the fullness and the freshness of the air is soothing. The beautiful open resort is welcoming with its refreshing weather and beautiful greenery.

Besides the signature trekking activities that are offered to all the guest, the Obudu Mountain Resort is determined to provide an authentic wilderness retreat to the visitors of all ages including the guests that tend to come here in the month of summer.

The food and beverage can be found in the Terrace Restaurant and bar with a cozy atmosphere made complete by the log fire. Traditional African and Nigerian Cuisines are guaranteed to suit special taste. Each guest is taken care of and served the international and local cuisines with fresh vegetables and organic ingredients. This mountain retreat also offers a full equipped tennis court, squash court, swimming pool, and a gym. You can also play golf on the resorts nine-hole golf course.


As far as the prices are concerned, the hotel within the Mountain Resort range from N32,000 To N75,000. However,affordable hotels can also be secured around the vicinity of Obudu Mountain Resort. The most interesting facility in the mountain Range is the Cable Car Range and its breathtaking views. In a nutshell, the Obudu Mountain Range offers an experience that will stay with you even when you go back home.


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