Is that time of year for these post! And really thinking about it because I have seen lots of makeup gone wild in 2018. Is all about my opinion on this! I don’t know about you~ If you like your makeup heavy, that’s fine! Don’t take this post seriously is meant to be a fun post! but I love it simple.

Makeup that transforms you into a completely different person instead of enhancing your natural beauty is what I consider makeup crazy! There should be some sort of originality not completely masked with products.


*Extra Thick brows

*The dot of highlighter on the nose

*Triangle concealer way too low onto the cheeks 


*Noise hair need to die in 2018. Is rediculous!

*Black/Green/Blue/Yellow/Super dark liquid lipstick need to die

*Overdrawn eyebrows

*Foundation shade too light because “I got yellow undertones” 

*Highlighting and contouring with beige and mud need to die. 

*Over Highlighting areas like the nose and cheekbone. It has to be noticeable and popping~lol! They can make you look like disco balls, we don’t want to look like we fell in a box of glitter! Need to die.

*Wearing lashes that look like fans.

*Using foundation as a mask instead of an enhancer. Let your Concealer do the rest of it(blemishes)

*Chunky gel/acrylics. Don’t make it look like claws! Nails that makes your finger looks longer and slim is always better.

*Unblended highlight/strobing. Can we blend in 2019?  Need to die In 2018!

*Concealer on 99% of your face needs to die! People are using half a tube of too light concealer and spreading it all under their eyes.

*caterpillar eyebrows need to die! You don’t need to go overboard, your eyebrows shouldn’t be a distraction.

*Over contouring: The truth is that, it makes most women look masculine.

*Too much baking: The drag queen caked on makeup is not necessary. Baking helps our foundations stay on but we just need to do it lightly.

*Obvious lip liner need to stop! Lip liners are not  meant to replace lipsticks!


N/B~Is high time we realize that ~there’s a way to do makeup for pictures and a way to do makeup for when you’re going about your day. 

I love makeup but not with much products because “I” not “we” believe that little is always better. 








  1. Great suggestions and funny how you did it Sharon. One of my pet peeves is seeing when women have the lipliner drawn on with a much-lighter lipstick so the lipliner looks so drawn on/outlined. Like a coloring book and someone used the wrong color inside the lines.

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  2. Soooooooooo true I couldn’t agree with you more and I have always thought exactly the same as what you have pointed lipliners, brows and lashes are my pet peeves of what people go overboard with. I would be scared to look far from my make up in reality. Make up is supposed to be subtle and enhance your beauty not make it! Lol Great post!!!

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