I picked some clothes from Zara website. Is not a huge haul and I got some basic collection, I will be wearing in fall and winter, i’m beginning to  gradually moving into fall style.

Talking about Zara! I love and wear a lot of Zara because they add new looks all the time~Updating with major trends as they were plucked right from the runway, for a fraction of the price and I love fashion and shopping, I’m always on the hunt for something special or unique.


Zara red light sweater

plan red light sweater, I love this! With a long sleeve, 50% Viscose and 50% acrylic. I can pair it with skirt or pant, is so freaking cute.


Zara Knit A-Line Mini Skirt

I was amazed with the look and feel of this knit A- line skirt! In mustard color: Tell me you don’t love this color~O yes I love it! It measures approximately 20.5 in length, the material is thick and stretchy, it can be worn during fall and winter. I got it in M(True to size)


Zara Contrasting Short Sleeve Top

OMG, this Black basic is absolutely amazing! Just as light as the red sweater. 77% Viscose and 23% Nylon which is ok, very simple and chic, got it in size M( True to size)


Zara Draped Neck Cardigan with belt

This Cardigan is very interesting! Really difficult to show on camera but look really cute on and so stretchy and comfortable. 70% Viscose and 30% Nylon which is not bad, got it in size M( True to size)



Zara Shimmery Knit Bodysuit

This bodysuit fit me so perfectly, great for fall~With long sleeve, is really stretchy and measures 27” in length 29”Burst and yes! It can fit even bigger chest which is a plus and with a deep front and back cut, which even made it so friendly with Our bigger upper Fashion lovers! Got it in size M(True to size) love it!


Zara Check Sweater

This unique fitting sweater is amazing! With 41% polyester , 21%Viscose and 31% acrylic and measures 46” Burst and which is to say~is really roomy and 26.5” Length. The colors on this sweater are black, white and gray, with Long sleeve and also got it in M.



Zara Tuttle T-Shirt with Gathered Long Sleeve

I could live in this see through T-Shirt, I have plans for this shirt and will put together something really nice with this top! Flowered orange color ad stretchy, also true to size. Amazing!


Zara Palm Tree T-Shirt basic Collection

This simple shirt is cute! I can wear this shirt any time. With long back approximately 28.5” and shorter front approximately 24.5”, 100% Cotton which is perfect, Sleeve lace. Got it in size M.



Zara Top with Elastic Cuffs

I’m very excited with this classic top! 100% polyester: which is good! With middle Sleeve. I really love the color, it caught me to this top, very roomy Nd comfortable, got it in size M as well.


And yap! Which one is your favorite?


I’m really happy to incorporate Fashion a lot more and doing more hauls and please let me know if you really like this post. Let me know what you think down below.








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