Every person whether old or younger needs to look good and attractive. At 50 you should think of the various ways to maintain your natural beauty. Below are some of the tips that will help you look young when at 50.


*Moisturize your face and neck: At this age your skin becomes drier and finer with lines. Moisturizer with 50 SPF should be your best friend. The moisturizer will keep your skin soft and moisturized making it attractive. Always  focus on the delicate eye area- Neutrogena is very good. Moisturize with super rich creams that contain sunscreen,especially during dry or colder months. Don’t forget your elbow, knees and hands,moisturize those areas that are notoriously dry.


*Simple make-up: You can make your beauty habits work for you with simple tweaks, Cakey skin must be avoided. Use dewy glow foundations, always use mascara, choose a The right lip color and don’t forget your brows. At this age you should not do a lot of makeup,you can add some colors to your lips and cheeks but not in excess.


*Exercise : Regular exercises re-energized your body. Regular exercise will make you look younger and strong. Regular exercises also have got other health benefits such as reducing the risk of getting chronic diseases such as heart attacks.


*Sleep : take proper sleep atleast about six to nine hours everyday, sleeping will help reduce stress. Adequate sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle and can makes you feel better.

Ageing can’t be controlled but we can control how we get older.








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