Beware of Store Tricks

Those high-wattage halogen lights at watches and rings that bring out even more sparkle, those lights that bring out different colors on garments, These so-called atmospherics entice us so we linger longer and spend more, but they won’t improve the value of the merchandise. Check properly, touch and feel any item you want to buy before paying for them.

                  Go to your local outlets mall

You get tons of great stuffs for great deals at outlets store. Some people don’t even know it exist. They may be out of seasons items for discount prices but you can still get some things you may like.

 Don't let the store scramble your "reference price,"

This marketing term refers to the price that you expect to pay for something . They can mess with the quality and still stick to their price. But being aware of the changes could save you money.
3. Shoppers! know thyself. you’ll make smarter purchases if you stick to your shopping temperament. just leave the store when you should! Don’t spend 4hrs when you planned 2hrs! Stick to your hour. Longer stay, more spending.


Buy when is about to go out of season

You spend way more money when you don’t shop the right time, if you go during cheaper buying season~ You can save a lot of money. Buying opportunities always comes around if you shop smart.


Beware of the freebie

Think quick: buy 1 get 2 free It’s easy to fall for but a price tag of zero can be expensive than it appears and free products can be dangerous, no one is business for charity so be careful.


Your discount stores

They are very similar to outlets because they have a lot of items that are out of season. I recommend you visit once a month or a week if you can because new stock are always rolling in. You will always see different things every single time you go . These are fantastic ways to save money.


Online Shopping

Whenever you shop online, there’s always a sort of code you can find to save some percent off and you can as well return for free, sometime they have Internet only special deals. Is generally going to be cheaper online than going to the store. You can earn savings.

Choose shopping partners wisely

Don’t lose sight of how others can influence your buying decisions. “No group-level consideration,” establishes the spending norms and defines what is acceptable and condonable.


Look for discounts

When you go to the store, ask if they have any discount or sales going on, look for ways to make the product cheaper. Go online sign up for them and they will be mailed to you. Some store offer military and students discount, use them ! There’s always ways to save money.

 Think twice before you check out

Watch your money and your time~ Make proper decisions, cross check every products properly before going for check out and sometimes the long cues can be of great help. You cross check while you wait lol!

Indulge your needs

Treating yourself to the things you need, they really lift the spirits and stick to your bud, don’t be reckless.


Some people don’t know this information and I’m trying to reach even just one person to help them . Let me know what you think.






18 thoughts on “HOW TO SHOP SMART

  1. Really good tips. It sometimes will be tricky though to find the balance between indulging your needs and saving, because some of those needs might just be expensive. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I love your blog!

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