Life is precious and special, it is a great gift, meant to be lived to the fullest, and shared with the people close to us and with the world. Today I celebrate life, today I celebrate love of family and friends, today I celebrate that special gift of life. MY BIRTHDAY.

My heart is full of profound joy and happiness as I give thanks to God almighty for the gift of life and for this special and wonderful opportunity to celebrate this special day of my birth. He is the one who grants health and well-being and the wisdom to navigate this tricky world. He is the one who has sustained me all these years, and I’m grateful.

I’m glad that the weather today has been lovely, warm and sunny and I have managed to make the best use of it. I’ve done two things that I love doing the most; a couple of visits to my favorite charity and care homes, and a visit to the mall for shopping. These activities gladden my heart and I’m grateful to be able to undertake them.

My gratitude goes too, to my friends and family and to all whose path has crossed mine. Those who have supported me in one way or another and those who support me still in my endeavors, not forgetting those who have made me stronger because they said ‘no’, those who made me do it myself.


As we go through life, we encounter different people, some leave us with great memories that put a smile on our faces when we remember them, others leave us with bitter experiences, but all these contribute to our growth and make us stronger and even better. I’m thankful for who I have become and grateful to all who made it possible.

I’d like to thank especially the more than 2000 followers and readers on my blog for journeying with me and for the great contributions you make to my blog, I sincerely appreciate. May we continue this wonderful journey together and may we grow from strength to strength.

Thank you all once again and may this joy I feel be felt by you on your special day!






73 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

  1. Congratulations on your 2K followers, you are doing a great job, I love reading your blog. Beautiful posts all the time. Happy birthday dear. May that joy be indeed multiplied

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