From march 2018 we’re taking hair color trends to warmer, prettier heights.
2018 hair color trends are all over this season,which gives you plenty of gorgeous ways to express your personality and play around with colors.
We are seeing a lot of ultra-violet tones in the beauty sphere this year. Colors like ashy, burgundy, rose blonde, millennial pink and lavender are really making the trend easy ,fun and wearable.


If you want to play with highlights, these color trends have options for everyone. Pick your favorite and find your perfect vibrant hair color shade.







13 comments on “2018 HAIR COLOR TRENDS”

    1. Thanks dear🙏😃That will be fun really 💃🏻Give it a try 👌If you can incorporate the trends to make it yours🤗why not! Go ahead I can’t wait to see how it will look on you🙍‍♀️You have fashion sense and believe you can make it work dear🙌🙏✌️

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      1. Aww… Thanks for having faith in me. Ha, ha. I will try it this summer for sure. I don’t like wearing jewelry went it is warm so I thought of using the color highlights as an accessory. Of course you will see it on my blog! xoxo

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