How To Dress Well On a Tight Budget

When you have money your wardrobe looks better “I disagree” Because money can not buy taste or style. I will be giving you some tips to be fashionable or stylish on low budget. Getting the fashion wardrobe you want while staying on your budget can be very difficult but knowing what or how to go about it ,makes it a lot easier. Your income level has nothing to do with style , is mainly about creativity and a bit more time .


-Solid colors



Solid colors will look more expensive and classic than a floral and plaid .
Solid colors are good, often appear near-identical to designer brands and extremely versatile. Patterned clothes looks cheap while most solid colored clothes look classy regardless of the fabric and and very easy to match and mix.


-Simple clean designs



Avoid too many designs, if they include prints and ruffles then they are fast fashionable piece which are likely to fade out of fashion quickly, instead go for a cleaner and plan pieces.


-Layer and combine pieces


Buy pieces you can easily combine with other pieces, instead of buying pieces that just go with one cloth, go with the one that can be combined with many. Fashionistas are layering and combining.



You will always makes a statement by wearing accessories! Fancy jewelry adds a polished look to any outfit.  When your outfit is basic, like black pants and a white top, add a statement necklace, earrings or bracelet , Carry a structured bag and complete it with your sunglasses and your outfit instantly look great and you’re good to go! Fashion accessories always play very important role in the world of fashion. Accessories are generally used to complete an outfit. Accessories shows your personality.

*Structured handbags
Structured bags makes you look polished, This type of bag completes the expensive look, It’s simple lines and hardware gives an outfit a “finished” look.


Wear sunglasses when necessary and you’ll look cool .Sunglasses helps make your outfit look expensive. I suggest aviator,cat-eye,leopard and black sunglasses.



-The Fit


It’s important you try things on before you buy, just Ignore the size on the label and if in doubt, buy a bit too big, because when the fit is a bit loose you look more comfortable, elegant and also easier to style. If is way too big ,don’t forget your tailor ~ They can make it work for you.


-Lip colors


Red is a classic lipcolor. Wear pink, coral and red! Very important It goes great with black and white.  Look for a shade of red that looks good with your skin tone. Apply light makeup not too much and make sure your hair is in place to achieve that complete look.


-Quality Over Quantity


One of the reason for having a wardrobe of quality items is that the fabric feels better, even in texture and material, and holds up to everyday wear. Quality fabrics are made from quality materials that are built to last, so naturally they will look and feel better.

*Choose classy shoes~invest on nicer styles, like pumps or oxfords, knock-off shoes will be far less expensive.




Buy or invest on good basics. You need basics in basic colors in your wardrobe, e.g jeans, camisoles, scarf, black dresses, white shirt ,neven shoes etc..Make sure you have your basic colors, your gray, beige black and white. This colors makes layering so easy.


-Fake items


Don’t buy fake! If you can’t afford a real thing , be patient until you can afford it. You can go for dupes not high- end replicas. Instead stick to your to own style. Avoid anything that will clash with your wardrobe.




Wearing a blazer not only makes you to looks great, you’ll be taken just a little more seriously. Blazer gives an instant polished look to any outfit.  You can wear them with a dress, with a pencil skirt and white top or even with jeans and a tee. Try and get black blazer is the most popular classic blazer.


-Properly care for your clothes


Don’t Over-wash your clothes! By doing so , the fabric will wear out and fade the color. Learn to wash and iron items when necessary and also try learn how to sponge or toothbrush instead of washing and if you need to iron, i suggest using “a steamer” Wrinkled clothes look cheap, and steaming your clothes before wearing them will help pull together a classy and elegant look.











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    • O yea! That’s right they really do helps prevent fading….using a specific detergent and drying locally if possible also helps.Thanks for this feedback 🙌I appreciate 🙏😍✌️


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