For a long time, beauty has been attributed to facial appearance and the design of clothes one puts on. But time has changed it all, nail trends and designs have now emerged to be an important part of one’s beauty. As years go by, it has been observed that nail trends and ideas are a gradual change for the better. Some changes are predictable while others stand to be a surprise to many people.

As 2018 begins, many fashions enthusiasts can now afford a smile. This is because the market has been filled by new, unique, and attractive nail trends and ideas. Some of the most adorable 2018 nail trends and ideas are as follows:

Kate Spade


Simplicity at times is said to be the ultimate sophistication. The Kate spade nail trend is a simple nail design for 2018. It features a single line that runs vertically down your nail. For enhanced beauty, the line should be made thick.

Logo nail


Logos usually are emblems that promote public recognition. Well, the fashion industry has taken advantage of this in 2018 by coming up with logo nail designs. The nail can be polished with your name as a logo or something else you are attached to.

Floral Accents


This is a unique design that features floral prints on the nails. The prints consist of several colours of your choice.




This is a simple trend which leaves the nails nude. Many stylists also suggest going for delicate colours of pink and beige as they refer to them as girlish shades.

Metallic and chrome


2018 is the year for beauty enhancement. Metallic and chrome nail designs allow you combine classic colours and metallic accents in a fashionable mix and match way.

There are many nail trends and ideas that are making way into the fashion industry. But the above mentioned are some of the trendiest and fashionable designs that you can ever come across.

*Inspired by “look pretty “check out her YouTube channel*






    • I like the oval shaping too – and that pinky-beige color goes with everything. My nails were so stained from the formaldehyde in the polish so I left polish off (even non-formaldehyde formula clear polish) to let them grow out – ugly, ugly as they were very yellow but that was about 8 years ago and now they look much better. My dilemma these days is that I used Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash to wash my hands for years – probably for decades. I wore hard contact lenses for years and I was recommended to use this soap as it had no deodorant or cream in that soap (which could create a film on the contacts). I stopped wearing contacts when I started working from home about 8 years ago, but continued using this soap. The makers of Purpose soap (the pump and the bar, but I prefer the pump) recently changed the formula and now it makes my hands dry like sandpaper. I went on their site and on Amazon and everyone is commenting they have changed the formula and everyone has the same problem – I have tried so many hand soaps in the last year – none of them, even baby formulas (Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson Moisturizing Head-to-Toe Baby wash) all have left my hands raw and cracked … it is terrible. A friend of mine told me to get bars of goats milk soap … I’m afraid I’ll be in the poorhouse if I try many more things.

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      • Oh sorry! Got you 👌most times using too much products make things even more difficult 🤯but the right one can make a difference 🙀Maybe you need to try L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 💪Retail between $12-$28 this correction cream leaves your hands feeling supple and smooth. That’s what I use and is good especially during dry season (winter season)You can bet that this best selling balm, it will save your skin from unnecessary dryness. Sandpaper feeling can be discomforting, got you👐this cream leaves your hands feeling so soft. Take care of you 😍✌️


      • Thanks Sharon – I just thought since we were “talking hands” you might have a solution for me – I will look where it is available now. I got some of the Burt’s Bees Ultimate Hand care, thinking it would be more emollient than Eucerin or Curel but it didn’t work. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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