The Unique Blogger Award



THANK YOU for nominating me for this beautiful award! I am so grateful to be accepting this award 🥇


1. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
2. Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 8 to 13 bloggers for the same award
4. Ask 3 questions

-What are your 2018 goals? To focus on my brand and being the best I can to people around me.

-What are your top three ways to reduce stress?
* Gym
* Peaceful scene
* Drinking tea (black/Green tea)

-Where you see yourself In 5years

*I see myself growing into a managerial role and to contribute to the growing success of others

My Nominees

1. What are your favorite lyrics
2. What is your blog’s ethos?
3. Summarize yourself in three words

33 comments on “The Unique Blogger Award”

      1. I moved too many things and did laundry with my portable washer last night and today my back is sore. I was hoping I wouldn’t pay a price like that. I was going to dump a bunch of trash down my stairs, since we finally have sun, but I can’t now. So I need to ask a friend to help me. Otherwise it’s a beautiful and sunny day. 🙂

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