Ugly fashion is back! it’s here to stay in 2018! I noticed an increased interest in one particular type of sneakers, I have been seeing quite a lot of them from this year leading us to 2018! Some of them look so nice and fashionable and others are like Halloween costume, nothing at all than fashion joy! Think embellishments, studding, platforms, and unexpected fabrics. We’re also expecting those unisex styling, bold ,color block and retro-inspired looks that make strong statement without looking back!


Every brands are really into sneaker now, from fast-fashion lines to high -end designers* O yess! In 2018 you will be completely comfortable and also look well put together in a classy pair of kicks. Sneakers are currently in every varieties and
we are getting into sneakers for many occasions, from casual cool to everyday style. Designers are really digging into ‘09s & ‘00s TV pop culture dropping that greyed-off finishes and clunky .. yea!! luxury brands including Balenciaga and Gucci, are at it already !



They’re cool looking and even cooler to wear! And very perfect companion for you during spring and summer. When your footwear get in the way of keeping your feet happy. It becomes a huge problem and that’s why making sure our feet are comfortable is important and has huge impact on our health! And sneakers makes it a hole lot easier for us.

*Sneakers are very comfortable.
* You can walk on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

* Sneakers cause less pressure on your legs.
* Walking and  running easily with them.
* You have a good balance if you are on your sneakers.





25 thoughts on “SNEAKERS TREND 2018

  1. I’m a walker and between the wide walking shoes and the moccasins I wear at home during the day (I work from home) … my feet have spread out bigtime … I sigh when I look at the pumps lined up or strippy sandals and wonder if I’d ever fit into them again … but my feet are comfy all day. I like “sneaks” … not a fan of unisex look with Chuck Taylors though, but that is just me I guess.

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