Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way… A common song we all hold dear to our hearts and true to this song Santa Clause jingles bells in children’s hearts. How about we jingle bells in our loved ones hearts? Many Christmas seasons could have passed you by while trying to get something fixed or done and before you knew it, everyone was back to the hustle and bustle in January. The question would be what could you do for your friends and loved ones this Christmas? There are those who’ve planned to go for a tour at the Himalayas, others planned to spend the season cuddling in a cabin somewhere on a mountain, and others will just wait and see what came up. However, if you are still thinking on what you should do this Christmas how about doing something special or invite someone over.

Have you ever looked at an old photograph and a part of you longed to go back to that time? That’s what Christmas is all about, a memory you wish to relive. Sadly, some wish to go back to that time but it will not be possible, whichever the case, jingling a bell in someone’s heart is beautiful. There’s something beautiful behind this Christmas and that is, what you could do to lighten someone up. It could be your children because sometimes, children forget to come back home when they need to do it the most. It could be a memory at the Christmas tree that will remind an old friend that life was brighter than it seemed.


More so, there is life behind the lights we see on every door during Christmas because every light has its own place in time. It isn’t about whose light shone brighter than the others’; it’s about what made the person put the lights during Christmas. So, you need to know why you need to light up your home and it isn’t about the décor or having the most expensive trees at the fireplace but why it’s important for you to do it for that special someone. Some may not see another day but others will live to replay this Christmas just because a bell was jingled in their hearts


So take time and look in the mirror; ask yourself on that one beautiful thing that you could do anything just to see it happen. Some may take a week to figure it out, others, a day but take time reliving all your friends, family and close relatives that did something special for you or you wish you could do something special for them. You could be the only Christmas to somebody only that you may not know that they needed it that much. So jingle a bell in someone’s heart this Christmas‼‼‼

Happy Holidays!!!



16 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS MESSAGES

  1. A very merry Christmas to you dear. May God bless you abundantly. Thanks for the inspiring messages, and all the beautiful thoughts and tips you share with us. Nice video. 😎

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  2. What a beautiful idea Sharon – thanks for sharing it … I thought I’d surely lose my mind yesterday with all the stories on the local and national news about shopping – the media has been talking about shopping, long before Black Friday. I know tomorrow early a.m. I’ll be hearing about the malls being jam-packed with people taking back the packages, or using their gift cards … maybe I’m just a Scrooge, maybe I’m just saying this as I have no family members and work from home, thus no presents to buy, unwrap, etc. BUT … surely I am not the only one who thinks that Christmas is so commercialized anymore. Anyway, with that off my chest, vintage memories are so cherished … as someone who relies on those images to connect with the past as I have no living relatives, it is such a wonderful way to reconnect with the past. In fact, in my blog today, I used a picture of me banging out a tune on a xylophone when I was five years old. I am in the process of digitizing all my photo albums – a tedious task, but I’ve enjoyed the look back at the past. Christmas blessings to you and hope and good will in the new year as well.

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    • My dear ! Memories 📝 are so cherished! I kind of difficult it will be for you not having no living relatives☺️The experience we had with those special people in our lives,that once meant the world with us. Some memories are so painful to remember because they were so wonderful and extraordinary that it makes us cry every time because we will never be able to experience them again! Those moment has passed though but we will always have the memories to remind us! Thank for your time dear🙏 Keep being strong and happy as always 💃 Happy Holidays 🎅🤶🏕😍✌️


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  4. 🤝❤️Sharon dear! Thanks for your passion and dedication.Thanks for all your great post ..Thanks for being so incredibly compassionate and being you! I appreciate you babes and keep enjoying your holidays 😘


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