What Makes Celebrities Grateful


The question today is what makes celebrities grateful? And the answer is “appreciation” Gratitude can change someone’s life! Positive expressions (encouragement and support) A passing “comments” and “likes” can increase mental strength and self esteem, is not just about celebrities but also applicable to everyone and today is about celebrities! The men and the women we love to hear about, the men and the women we love to talk about, the men and the women who keep us entertained, the celebrities who occupy the social stage, some love them and others don’t!



They worked hard to become celebrities, they worked hard to be famous, they worked hard to be revelant, they worked hard for it, they really fought to get there, let’s show them some “love”

A lot of celebrities enjoy their status in the society and they protect it carefully, that is why they do things for ratings and that is why they sometimes present before the world, an image of a perfect life. But we do not know the whole story.

Don’t presume to know someone based on the one dimensional window of the internet. Dont mind the look on the red carpet, they may look like they don’t have problems and their lives are perfect.

They sit at the theaters, special tables at restaurants, they may get VIP treatment at events and clubs, they may have opportunities of becoming ambassadors or spokespersons for brands, and they may become entrepreneurs, they may flaunt their luxurious cars and homes, fancy gifts and expensive clothes but you know what? that is not the whole story!



Hellooo! Remember they are human beings like you, they do get frustrated like you, they do get stressed and hurt like the rest of us , they lack privacy and they feel pressured pls don’t judge them! who are we to judge them for doing what they love, why criticize them unnecessarily? Let us appreciate them rather for the entertainment they bring us for their gifts and talents which they put to good use for the good of the society.

As we all know some people love to befriend celebrities, some people love to be close to them.are you one of those? Are you close to them because of what you will gain or are you that dangerous friend that sells them out? Are you taking advantage of them? Are you carrying rumors to destroy their careers? Whatever it is you are doing, my dear stop! they are human beings like the rest of us. Pls stop the criticisms and show them some love!

Don’t spend too much time keeping up with celebrities. they Are living their dream  what about you? Where  you want to be in life. Get off your bed, Get up! Go out there and start achieving your goals.

Apply that energy in doing something meaningful for yourself. Apply that talent of careful analysis and knowledge to achieving your own goals. Build your own future, Support them if you can, show some love if you can. Celebrities need our support, let us encourage them!


19 thoughts on “What Makes Celebrities Grateful

  1. I liked the 2nd paragraph from the end. I think you’re a person who tries to self improve, develop confidence and be happy. I believe we are always going to be unhappy if we compare ourselves to others, instead I believe in first counting our own blessings.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read🙏You are right dear! Instead of focusing on life situations we can’t handle/control, we could channel it on personal happiness and contentment by counting all our little blessings 🤓🙏🙌😍✌️

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