The Reason Why People “Like” But They Don’t Comment


Comments are everything! But great “content”breaks “likes”and brings “comments”

The Golden Lands

I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs recently where the authors have a MAD following.  I sigh and drool and faint whenever I see how many followers these people have.  They average at LEAST 40 likes a post.

But they also average MAYBE 2-3 comments a post.


These people have 5,000+ followers.  Some have 20,000+ followers.  Why is no one commenting?


Let’s be honest.  Everybody likes to get Liked.  But I think we can agree that when people take the time to comment, this feedback means way more to us.  Because it’s easy for people to click the Like button, but it takes effort to comment.  And that means they are taking us seriously and actually paying attention.  We like comments more than Likes.

The question is then: What makes people comment?


Sig and Armstrong

You might have a huge following, but if you don’t have a sense of personality

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35 comments on “The Reason Why People “Like” But They Don’t Comment”

  1. I do comment reply to every comment on my blog. I think that such is more than courtesy but obligatory out of respect and maintaining the network of loyalty to each other. These bloggers get loyal visits from me on their posts as priority. However, I cannot comment on every post by bloggers. Easily get 300 notifications a day and cannot keep up with it. Too many people post a dozen or more posts a days and many of those I have unfollowed because jamming up my inbox. Several that multipost I may comment on one. Many I just give likes to let them know I have read the post and want to acknowledge a visit as they do for me. If I don’t have an intelligent or meaningful comment for a post I just like with no comment. And I certainly make return visits to new followers. I cannot follow so many new visitors though. Too much so I limit to certain genres and blogs of strong particular interest for me.

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  2. Right! I totally get your point👌You are going about it the right way. I go by interesting and helpful Content,I don’t believe appreciation should be my main reason of commenting to a post . My love for a post breaks likes and comments and simply brings follow and shares because I always want my audience to learn from any post I found useful. Your method is so cool Carl 👌🙌 Thanks for stopping by and take care of you 😍✌️

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  3. Thanks for sharing this content Sharon. It is a very interesting question that researchers should investigate actually. Carl, you and the lady from Quintessential faith did brought important informations regarding this topic. I am also intrigue as to know if the majority really read the post before they comment? Not so sure sometimes. Have a lovely day.

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  4. Comments are always more personal and take more effort. We live in a “take the shortcut” road. I always love leaving comments and I always reply to every single one I get. I love it because it fosters a sense of community; it makes me feel like I’m making actually connections which really, is exactly what I’m here to do! I want to connect with other writers and learn from them so to me, commenting is so much better than a quick like. Nowadays, you don’t even have to read the content before you dash the like button. I loved this post. ✨✨✨

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    1. Strongly agreed with you dear “Shortcut “ But how do we understand what the content is all about without reading 📖 because by reading and understanding you can drop proper insights/views on the article.Is really a great way to build relationships with follow bloggers “like minded people “Thanks dear for your time😍✌️

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  5. Good post! I always reply by comment to comments on my posts. Of the people I follow I usually try to give their posts a like and will often comment as well but not always. I have found the comments to this post also very interesting. I like the way this post opened up a good dialogue about how people handle responding and managing their time as well.

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    1. While it takes time to create meaningful comments,we still need it to personally connect with each other.Anne you are handling it the right way👌🙌Thanks dear for stopping by 🙏😍✌️


    1. Hey Rosaliene! Got you dear. Connecting with people who share same identity with you is cool! If we have purpose of providing useful information and support , they won’t focus on their number of followers. Thanks for stopping by and remain blessed🙌🙏😍✌️

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