Thanksgiving turkey preparations & Tips to Consider When Pairing wine and turkey




The long awaited festive season is finally here! Exciting right? Christmas is right around the corner and winter is already here. Everyone wants to stay indoors with family and friends and sit around a cozy fire while chatting the evening away. This warm atmosphere becomes even more amplified when it gets to Thanksgiving. We often find ourselves travelling great distances just in order to unite with our various family members. When this time comes, we more often than not carry along with us a bottle of wine. This is common practice as wine is usually paired with the thanksgiving turkey. One thing the we ought to call to memory however, is that there is always a right way to do things. People usually end up getting confused on whether they should carry along with them white or red wine. Some people never bother to consider even which. Well, to clear all this bubble of confusion, i have compiled a number of tips that you will definitely find helpful in order to make the right choice. So if you really value your thanksgiving, stick with me as i give you this valuable pointers.

Is it necessary in the first place?

Well, i know the first question that is definitely going to come to your mind is whether all this is worth taking in to account. Truth is, yes, it is very imperative to make the right choice of wine to pair with the Thanksgiving turkey. This is so because it will affect the overall taste of your turkey. You do not want your well cooked turkey going to waste at a very special time. The basic fact that you need to have in mind before you make the choice of wine is that the method of preparation of the turkey is the major determinant of the choice of wine. What you want to buy is a wine variety that is going to bring out the richest taste of the flavor and spice in the turkey. Want to know which wine goes best with the various modes of preparation? Here’s a quick breakdown of some of them based on the different methods. I know you will definitely find this useful.



1. Perfectly Baked Turkey
A perfectly baked turkey is hard to come by. This means that you should not mess things up especially due to making an uninformed choice of wine to wash it down. With that on the clear, you should consider getting wine that is complimentary to the sweet taste of perfectly baked turkey. My recommendation to produce this desired effect is the Spanish Garnacha. This amazing wine is packed with fruit flavor such as strawberry and raspberry. It has a distinct dusty quality that goes very well with the turkey and gravy.




2. Smoked Turkey
When you have your turkey smoked, the taste of the flavors tend to be very rich and more sweet. You need to make an elaborate choice of wine that is going to keep all this intact or even step up the taste game. The best choice for such turkey meat will definitely be non other than Red Rhone Blend. This fine wine is made by combining three different varieties of wine, Grenache being one of them. You get to taste a mix of both red and black fruit flavors in the wine. This culminates to an overall complex taste that easily matches the richness of the sweet turkey meat.




3. Fried Turkey
Some people may opt to fry their turkey during Thanksgiving. Well, if you choose to do this, please be safe when you are going about it. The situation that arises when you go for this option is that the fat and salt fried in the oil will tend to be hard. What this will force you to do is to pick a wine variety that has some relatively high level of acidity to cut through this fat. Such varieties are usually sparkling wine. The best will definitely be the Pinot Noir, which even gives your turkey a richer taste with the strawberry and white cherries that have a creamy and bubbly taste to them.



Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!


15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving turkey preparations & Tips to Consider When Pairing wine and turkey

    • Turkey is the centerpiece of the feast. O yes! Roasting has been the real deal and the tastiest and juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey but frying can be a quick alternative. Thanks for your time and appreciation 🙏🙌😍

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I tried one of them with chunky turkey wings. Absolutely delicious! I will try the other ideas too. thanks for helping me prepare good food. I really love your posts, great work.

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