Simple Steps for Eating Mindfully

Is good to taste food and really enjoy the taste of healthy food!

Dr. Eric Perry’s Blog

By Dr. Perry, PhD

“Mindful eating means simply eating or drinking while being aware of each bite or sip.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

In our fast paced society and ever present need to multi-task, many of us have forgotten the joys of eating. I personally know what it’s like to be so busy I forget to stop and smell the spaghetti :). This was written as a reminder to myself. Here are 5 tips on how to eat more mindfully.

1. Recognize if you are truly hungry
Learn to recognize the physical cues of hunger and when you are full. By paying attention you will avoid overeating and eating for other reasons other than hunger. Some of us are emotional eaters and eat in response to certain emotions such as sadness, loneliness and boredom. Others might eat in response to external cues such sight or smell. Our sense of fullness has been somewhat skewed by…

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